5 Wall Colors That Will Paint Your Way Into A Better Night’s Sleep

Color trends will come and go but how color effects our mood and energy level is timeless.  Carefully selecting soothing colors for our bedroom is an important key in creating an inviting space that will usher in a better night’s sleep.


While often overlooked, room color can play a role in the direction of our mood and thoughts.

Though home interior colors can be trendy, we shouldn’t forget that it’s been proven color plays a role in affecting our mood and energy levels. Carefully selecting peaceful, soothing colors for a bedroom is significant for creating a welcoming space that promotes a restful night’s sleep. While often overlooked, room color can play a role in the direction of our mood and thoughts. Color affects us all in many ways and specific colors tend to draw a similar reaction from people of all ages or gender.

  1. Lavender – A royal purple is a very intense color for a bedroom. However, a purple that’s chalky and muted can be very calming. A muted lavender wall color is a soft and sophisticated option for a master bedroom. Purple hues are found to be stress-reducing, so this super soft one is sure to create a calming environment.  Lavender is a chilly hue, so consider how you can possibly counter that coolness with a warm hardwood floor or a warm-hued carpet.
  2. Pale Gray–  A soft or pale gray is a perfect color to paint a room when looking to create a calm and relaxing environment. For those who love the color white but don’t want to create a cold and institutional feeling to a room, adding shades of pale gray into white can add the perfect contrast to create a finished and inviting space.
  3. Blue– Watery blues that remind you of the blue sky or of the water are some of the most stress-reducing colors to choose from for a great night’s sleep. According to the study of Feng Shui, blue hues can potentially even slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. When choosing the best shade of blue for your bedroom, you’ll want to make sure that it’s soft, neutral and invokes a feeling of rest when you look at it.
  4. Dark Gray-Blue– Another very calming color for your sanctuary of rest, dark gray-blue can be used to sooth your mind and ease you into a great night’s sleep. Though it is a dramatic color selection, it still provides a calming vibe to your space. When choosing such a deep color choice, keep in mind to break it up a bit and bounce some light around by adding some elements of white in the décor of the room and incorporating a classic white ceiling.
  5. Neutral Green– Surrounding yourself with natures colors while inside your home will create feelings of peace and contentment. Green, being in the center of the color spectrum, is the color of balance. Find a green with some gray in it to create a space for relaxation and serenity.  Some perfect examples of this would be a light pistachio hue, celery or sage.

These are just a few suggestions found to promote peace and positive moods of relaxation. Our past experiences with these colors also play a role on how they affect us individually. Since this is a broad standard and can be subjective. Sample some of these colors yourself for your own bedtime blissful sanctuary.



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Published: February 8, 2022
Author: suiteedge
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